Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital

Mallappally East, Kerala, India

Since 1971

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Our Vision, Mission, Objective and Target Area



The Rev. George Mathen Medical Mission seeks to be a centre of healing; witnessing to the abundant life revealed through Jesus Christ


  • The primary concern of the Hospital is to provide health care in rural settings
  • Provide the same to the marginalized communities by organizing community clinics and other community health proframs.
  • Organize educational and counseling program for youth, children and laborers on preventive- health, hygiene, alcoholism, life-style hazards etc.
  • Encourage youth of the community to opt for careers in health ministry.
  • GMM in its healthcare services and community outreach programs looks for support and participation from friends and likeminded agencies in India and abroad, in a true spirit of partnership.In this direction the GMM seeks to work hand in hand with the healthcare initiatives of the Government, and other agencies in India and abroad.
  • In its role as a living witness in the healing ministry of Christ, GMM seeks to be an arm of the church; particularly Church of South India and its institutions.


The objective of the Rev. George Matthen Medical Mission is the establishment , maintenance and development of a Christian Mission Hospital; named as Rev. George Matthen Mission Hospital Mallappally; that nurtures health and wholeness of men and women as individuals and communities, with special concern for the disadvantaged,marginalized and the vulnerable.

Target Area

The Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital(GMM Hospital) stands as the sole professionally run hospital in a densely-populated rural community with no other medical institutions of comparable standard existing within a 15 km radius.. Those nearest hospitals of any significant size and scope are situated in places like Thiruvalla, Kozhencherry and beyond, which are beyond the reach of the poor folk of the region.

The GMM Hospital also caters to the varied health needs of people and communities inhabiting the remote eastern regions on the fringes of the forest, where no medical facilities exist. Government-run hospitals can only offer medical care to a limited extent. Almost 60 % of the people living in the service footprint of the hospital cannot afford expensive treatment. For them, this hospital provides a haven of solace by offering services at greatly reduced rates and in many cases, even totally free!

Fulfilling such a vital role for the lesser fortunate in the community by providing them care and solace in their hour of need is part of the DNA of the GMM Hospital. It is our vision to carry on this good work and reach even more people.


Mallappally is a quiet rural community situated on the banks of the River Manimala, in the district of Pathanamthitta, Kerala. A major chunk of the people depend on agriculture for a living.. Now, as well as in the past, the land is fortunate to have an educated community. Yet, economically there’s little to speak of. Half of the region’s households make their living mainly as small peasants and farm workers. The remaining half is constituted of middle and upper income groups in the categories of salaried employees, traders, families of non-resident Indians (NRIs), and a few rich landowners. Seventy-five percent of those in the farm sector, constituting 50 percent of the total population, are Dalit agricultural labourers and migrant workers. The other half is made up of Nairs, Syrian Christians, Muslims and others.

The Mallappally Taluk and a portion of Ranni and Changanacherry Taluks, under which comes the village of Mallappally forms our target area. About 30% of the population live below the poverty line. Their access to means of livelihood and basic needs like healthcare and education is very meager and unsustainable. Furthermost of all, this group finds the current cost of medical care unaffordable.

Holy Immanuel CSI Church and Social Reforms

Mallappally has its own story of social reformation. The CMS of the Anglican Church, during their service in Kerala, established a missionary congregation here in 1836.This marked the first footfalls of this revolution in academic and social fields. Passing by many a milestone of history, the congregation has by now evolved into the Holy Immanuel Church, under the Church of South India (C.S.I).

Ardrasparsam Extends the Mission and Target Area

A recently initiated community health programme namely Ardrasparsam, reaches people even outside the stipulated boundaries of our target area. As this is set forth as part of the Bicentenary celebrations of the CSI Madhya Kerala, it endeavors to cover the Dalit parishes of the Diocese and the newly initiated Malayora Mission at the Sabarimala region.

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