Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital

Mallappally East, Kerala, India

Since 1971

+91-469-2782262, 2785262

President’s Prelude


A hub of relief with the gestures of care and signs of cure build a hospital; laid on the foundation of healing, established with the objective of service, Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital stands as the pillar of hope for many. A ray of light to all those who are in the dark caves of despair, a lifting hand to the poor, a healing touch for the needy and thus continues its mission with fulfillment of four decades of blessed ministry near Mallappally town. Even in an era marked by multi-specialty and super specialty hospitals, mission hospitals still hold utmost significance as qualitative healthcare could not be equated with marketized healthcare.Selfless service reflected through community health programs, palliative care and so forth could only fill the vacuum created bybusiness oriented, profit motive marketing strategies.This journey of healing ministry is being applauded by all the benefactors and well-wishers of Mathen hospital all over the world.

The gift of abundant life to everyone in this world underlined the mission of Christ. The quintessence of Mathen hospital thus, lies in carrying out this mission; an edifice for reinstating Christ’s healing ministry. Healing with care and cure attained primacy in this blessed ministry. The lame, the blind, the physically and the mentally challenged and those who were earmarked as lifelong sufferers of a disease like the blind who was born by birth, the woman who had bleeding for twelve years, and the lame man who was at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years found solace through this ministry. A ministry intended not for name or fame but for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. This example set out by Christ’s healing ministry was and would be the essence and the enthusiasm, the message and the motivation, the zeal and the zest of the Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital in all the years to come.

Another milestone in the growth of the Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital is to launch a website for the hospital which would portray the various mission activities undertaken by the hospital; a platform for reviewing its endeavours by everyone all around the globe. An address to the stress and strain of individuals in this period by instituting a clinic for psychological treatment, a rehabilitation centre for the ever increasing number of drug addicts and so on comprises the future plans of the hospital. Assuredly, this small step could expand the potential of Mathen hospital to a full-fledged care provider and could create pathways for boundless scope.

Rev. Felix Mathew

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